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LAM's team members are experts in the legal field, thriving in data research, discipline and structure. With exclusive access to our intellect, you'll find our most innovative insights and resources to grow, service, and manage your legal association.

Intern Spotlight

I have had the opportunity to intern for the Technology Department for the past couple of months at Legal Associations Management. This team taught me so much about the technological side of associations management and provided me with a lot of hands-on experience. I was also able to work closely with the Marketing Department during my time as an intern. There were many projects where both teams worked together […]

5 Ideas To Increase Lawyer Networking

Whether you are a seasoned attorney or merely beginning your job, continual networking is vital to success in your legal profile. 1. Do you distribute business cards? Though we currently linger in digital culture, a lawyer's printed business card stands the test of time. Business cards permit attorneys to acquire direct exposure and make an […]

What To Expect At A Legal Conference

Find out everything you need to know about planning for and attending your next legal conference. Attending a legal conference is one of the best opportunities for law students, paralegals, firms, and lawyers to identify the people, tools and resources that will help sharpen their skills and build their knowledge and network. These gatherings provide […]

What Does A Legal Association Management Company Do?

A legal association management company provides management services in all operational aspects of a legal association, from membership recruitment and retention to marketing and event execution. How Do They Operate? To stand out, your legal association needs the right structure, a consistent discipline for growth, and the appropriate data to make timely decisions. Typically, association […]

Social Media Tips For Member Engagement

A dedicated team of experienced and determined professionals to increase your legal association’s operational efficiency is vital. Efficient social media drives results. For legal associations with an online community, strong social media engagement signifies that they impact the market. Social media is a complex compilation of engagement, image, business, technology, structure, and community. Engagement is […]

Improve Your Legal Association Management With These 4 Techniques

These four tips will relieve some of the burdens of growing your legal association and improving your management skills. 1. Utilize CRM Software For over three years, Legal Associations Management, Inc. has utilized the many valuable tools of Salesforce and Fonteva. Customer relationship management (CRM) platform Salesforce provides automated workflows for your management teams along with […]

5 Ways To Technologically Advance Your Association

Technology has become crucial in keeping up with society, and it is vital for associations to stay on top of the game. Many members have adjusted to using technology in their daily lives and expect the same type of online engagement from associations.  Becoming aware of technological trends can make a significant impact on advancing […]

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