Mark Lanier

What We Do

Legal Associations Management is focused on providing solutions for the growth, management and service of legal associations nationwide. We have developed proven systems and processes to help ease the operational burdens that legal associations face. It is our goal to share these processes with you and to help you find more time and energy to focus on what matters most: promoting your mission and providing a valuable service to your members.
Legal Associations Management is the leading company in the industry. We have more than 20 years of experience in associations management and marketing services.

Why Choose Us

Grow Your Association

We have established effective channels to reach your target audience and promote the products and services offered by your association.

Manage Your Association

The LAM team has years of experience and knowledge about the legal associations niche. Managing associations is second nature for us.

Service Your Association

Our team is determined to increase your association’s operational efficiency and to ensure that your association is living up to its goals and missions.


I found the National Trial Lawyers Summit to be a delight, with a higher percentage of real trial lawyers in attendance than I have seen in sixty years of lecturing to groups of this specialty.

F. Lee Bailey

The National Trial Lawyers Summit is, without question, the best gathering of the finest lawyers in the country.

Mark O’Mara

We began the Trial Lawyers Summit at South Beach in January 2012 with the goal of combining highest quality CLE with the opportunity to network with great trial lawyers in a relaxing resort setting. Each year we have exceeded our expectations and next year will be no exception.

Howard Nations