America's Only Management Team For Legal Associations

To stand out, you need the right structure, a consistent discipline for growth, and the appropriate data to make timely decisions. Our experts at LAM can help.


LAM Services

Our specialists create the most value for your members by analyzing data and creating strong business habits.

Through consistent member-focused solutions, our experts are fully equipped to increase your association's membership.

Ensure the best connection for your association and its members through compelling marketing and technology.

Based on defined goals, we assist or lead in the creation, promotion, and execution of an event from start to finish. 

Explore Our Facility

We are located in the heart of Dothan, Alabama. Our growing, dedicated team enjoys koi fish, birds, banana trees, wrap-around balconies, large conference rooms, kitchens for lunch and snacks, a bank vault for quiet working, and more. Stop in for a visit anytime, and we will gladly give you a tour.


Growth and Management Experts

35Managed Associations

Exceptional full-service management for
today's top legal associations

60%Event Attendee Growth Rate

Proven, creative success in event creation, promotion, and execution

45%New Member Growth

World-class membership accretion and retention through consistent, strong solutions

66Team Members

Extensive support and commitment from our diverse, professional and dedicated team

Square Foot Facility

Exquisite aesthetics and architecture to welcome those from far or near

6Distinct Departments

Authentic, distinguished team structure to accomplish the best operational efficiency


Meet Our Management Team


John Maddox
VP/General Counsel

"As the company's General Counsel I handle or manage all legal matters for the company. These are great people that I work with and I am proud to be associated with them."

Eddie Terrell
Chief Financial Officer

"I'm a small-town Indiana kid who moved to the big city to follow my dreams of being an accountant for a group of lawyers."

Thomas Azar
IT Director

"I am blessed to live in a house full of all women... my wife, our two baby girls and our sweet Golden Retriever. I love technology, hiking and watching a good sunset over the beach or mountains."

Jessica Hirsch
Marketing Director

"My favorite thing about working at LAM is the people. Our environment is casual, fun, and yet very fast-paced. We have an extraordinary group of individuals who are always looking to learn more and grow alongside our rapidly expanding company."

A professional image of Trevor Goins
Trevor Goins
National Business Development Manager

"The LAM culture is our greatest asset. The ability to work together toward a common vision is the fuel that allows us to grow each and every day. Our creative atmosphere and collaborative teamwork ensures that we are able to build and sustain positive and healthy relationships with each customer or partner"

Hope Crew
Director of Operations

"I have been employed with the company for over 10 years and I love a little bit of everything at LAM but mainly I love my team and co-workers."

Kevin Kramer
Chief Operating Officer

"We provide growth-focused services based on absolute integrity and the highest level of professional competence. Our creative atmosphere and collaborative teamwork ensures that we are able to build and sustain relationships to every customer or partner."

Jerome Tew
Systems Administrator

"I don't think you could ask for better people to work with! I love all of my coworkers and consider myself lucky to be surrounded by such a great team."

Michelle Swanner
Executive Director of The NTL

"I am a wife and mother from Sweet Home Alabama. In 2007, I helped turn the vision of The NTL into reality. I was the very first employee and actually worked from my husband's office to research, identify and invite the Top 100 trial lawyers from each state.

A Letter From Our CEO

Our dedicated team of professionals is experienced and determined to increase your legal association’s operational efficiency. With LAM, you can ensure that your association is living up to its goals and missions. We hold the solutions to implement exponential growth for your association and its members.

Legal Associations Management takes pride in growing associations and providing your association with operational structure, a discipline for growth, and the appropriate data to make timely decisions. Our management experts are pleased to assist your association with its marketing, membership, event, or financial needs.

By intensifying your association from top to bottom and handling all of the aspects that come with it, LAM delivers proven membership services, growth and retention.

Chase Givens


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