What Does A Legal Association Management Company Do?

by Legal Associations Management  |  October 29, 2020

A legal association management company provides management services in all operational aspects of a legal association, from membership recruitment and retention to marketing and event execution.

How Do They Operate?

To stand out, your legal association needs the right structure, a consistent discipline for growth, and the appropriate data to make timely decisions. Typically, association management companies provide a variety of services and engagement opportunities to help you manage, grow and service your association. At Legal Associations Management, Inc, we methodically examine your data and finances by utilizing our trusted techniques, focusing on creating the most value for your members. We also implement consistent operational performance with the support of an experienced, driven team of professionals focused on discipline for growth and communication. Our experts capture and retain the attention of current and potential members through an immersive marketing and technology structure. With the help of a management company, your legal association can grow to reach its full potential.

At Legal Association Management, Inc, we offer four unique core services.


By assisting you in analyzing data and creating strong business habits based around better knowledge and reporting, we share the best practices and provide templates for using this information to focus your resources in the areas that will create the most value for your members.

Core Activities
  • Financial Consulting and Planning
  • Data Strategy Management
  • Data Cleansing
  • Information Production and Presentation
  • Collection Comparative Performance Analysis

Our team of professionals provides world-class support to our clients, prospective clients and members via phone, email and physical communications. Through consistent, member-focused solutions, our member concierge experts are fully equipped to increase your association's membership.

Core Activities
  • Member Lifecycle
  • Revenue Processing and Fulfillment
  • Concierge Member Services
  • Personal Touch Data Cleaning

Through compelling marketing and technology, your members will remain engaged and intrigued through cutting-edge print and digital marketing, expert website and software management, database administration, and more to ensure the best connection for your association and its members.

Core Activities
  • Website Building and Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Advertising
  • Software Management
  • Database Administration
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Execution
  • Copywriting
  • Content Creation
  • Video Production
Meeting Complete

Based on defined goals, we assist or lead in the creation, promotion, and execution of an event from start to finish. Through growth-focused services, systems and marketing platforms, every customer or partner is provided with absolute integrity and the highest level of professional competence.

Core Activities
  • Outsourced Conference Director
  • Meeting Start-up
  • Concierge Event Attendee Services
  • Attendee Processing Portal
  • Webinar Hosting and Production
  • Attendee Growth Discipline 
  • Event Processing, Reporting, Promotion, and Marketing
  • LAM’s SAE (Sponsor, Advertiser, and Exhibitor) System
Why Hire A Legal Association Management Company?

Do you need…
  • Renewals?
  • Better reporting?
  • Financial guidance?
  • Service participation?
  • New membership growth?
Do you struggle with…
  • Events and webinars?
  • Attendee growth and processing?
  • Sponsor, exhibitor and advertiser sales and fulfillment?
  • Graphic production, website updates and on-site material?
  • Hotel management and complete conference coordination?
Do you want to grow your…
  • Fundraising?
  • Membership?
  • Event attendance?
  • New member prospect list?
Can you increase interest through…
  • Renewal processing?
  • Service engagement?
  • Information collection?
  • Onboarding new members?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider hiring a legal association management company. The management experts at Legal Association Management, Inc. can help. To learn more, view our services.

What Are The Benefits?

To achieve the highest operational efficiency for your legal association, partnering with an association management company is the first step. Our high-quality, targeted management processes aid your association in staying relevant, increasing numbers, elevating success, and intriguing its members.

Staying Relevant

Legal Associations Management connects you with today's world. Growing associations need proven structure, dedicated support systems, and the application of the latest knowledge for practical competency in performance.

Increasing Your Numbers

We delve deep by examining your data and finances. In order to share desirable practices and analytical templates, we create reports and strong business habits to provide you with resources that will generate the most value for your members.

Elevating Your Success

Raise your association to a higher level and achieve maximum operational efficiency through our robust and dynamic structure. We take pride in being able to increase the development and influence of legal associations nationwide.

Intriguing Your Members

Captivate your current and prospective members through irresistible marketing and technology. Our experienced team members drive riveting attention and targeted appeal to your legal association's print and digital aspects.

Would you benefit from a legal association management company?

Our dedicated team of professionals is experienced and determined to increase your legal association’s operational efficiency. With Legal Association Management, Inc, you can ensure that your association is living up to its goals and missions. We hold the solutions to implement exponential growth for your association and its members.

Legal Associations Management, Inc. takes pride in growing associations and providing your association with operational structure, a discipline for growth, and the appropriate data to make timely decisions. Our management experts are pleased to assist your association with its marketing, membership, event, or financial needs.

By intensifying your association from top to bottom and handling all of the aspects that come with it, our management experts deliver proven membership services, growth and retention.

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