Intern Spotlight

by Legal Associations Management  |  January 12, 2021

I have had the opportunity to intern for the Technology Department for the past couple of months at Legal Associations Management. This team taught me so much about the technological side of associations management and provided me with a lot of hands-on experience. I was also able to work closely with the Marketing Department during my time as an intern. There were many projects where both teams worked together in order to be successful.  Being an intern for the technology team at Legal Associations Management has expanded my knowledge on technology, marketing, my understanding of how an association operates, and how to feel confident in a new work environment. 

The technology team members introduced me to the ins and outs of building a new website. I was even entrusted with many projects that were connected to the redesign of a website. They were able to teach me valuable information regarding everything that is needed to keep a business running. This included gathering questionnaire information, taking pictures, assisting the project manager, and helping pick out layout designs.  

I thought it was very interesting seeing what all must happen in order to start up and complete a project. During my internship, I also experienced working with other departments and understanding how important internal communication within a company is. There were many times the marketing and technology teams had to communicate with one another to make sure the project was running smoothly. I think the team at LAM has great leaders and staff members who understand the importance of communication in the workplace.  

The time I spent here impacted me in such a way that I now see how real-life works. Being able to help with all the different departments provided me with real insight into many different areas of a business such as marketing, social media, and technology. As far as scheduling and hours, I never felt burdened because the managers understood that I was a student and had to focus on that primarily, and then to my internship. Overall, I learned an abundance of things while also getting to know all the great people here at LAM.  

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