Improve Your Legal Association Management With These 4 Techniques

by Legal Associations Management  |  October 28, 2020

These four tips will relieve some of the burdens of growing your legal association and improving your management skills.

1. Utilize CRM Software

For over three years, Legal Associations Management, Inc. has utilized the many valuable tools of Salesforce and Fonteva. Customer relationship management (CRM) platform Salesforce provides automated workflows for your management teams along with a shared view of customers that integrates easily with existing systems and data. Fonteva’s software not only provides a centralized online member management system, but it consolidates offline payments and migrates subscriptions and product purchases through Fonteva payment gateways. This feature allowed Legal Associations Management, Inc. to eliminate the need for manual processing of payments, financial documents, and subscriptions altogether. Legal Associations Management, Inc. aimed to streamline processes and avoid the reduction of its staff. The automation through Fonteva’s software allowed the teams at Legal Association Management, Inc. to shift their focus and work toward increasing membership and association growth, service and value. Members can now easily join, renew, opt-in to auto-renewal, purchase products, manage their subscriptions, and request help through Legal Association Management, Inc.’s Fonteva portal.

2. Embrace Social Media Marketing

Through compelling digital marketing, members of your association will remain engaged and intrigued. Captivate your current and prospective members through irresistible social media posts and online advertisements. Management team members should drive riveting attention and targeted appeal to your association's digital aspects. With so many social media platforms to keep up with, embracing all that the internet has to offer may seem a bit overwhelming.

Legal Associations Management, Inc. keeps up with all business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more, posting just the right content to each one. By adding useful content into the appropriate channels, you will unlock your brand’s full marketing potential. Building an online following that engages your customer base is essential. Focus on developing relationships with your online legal community and building their trust. Take advantage of these growing online connections by posting engaging content such as polls or questions that will drive your followers to comment on and share your posts. By applying specified campaigns and targeted advertisements, traffic will be directed to your legal association website. Be sure to examine your analytics to figure out what is best for your association.

Appealing to your current and potential members through social media delivers a tremendous reward. If social media marketing is executed the right way, you will see a tangible payoff within one month.

3. Adopt an Email Campaign Platform

Strive to provide world-class support to your clients, prospective clients and members via email communications. Adopting a great email campaign platform can jumpstart and maintain membership contact in many ways, including new member introductions, relaying important notices or updates, marketing materials for products or events, and much more.

Within an email campaign platform, you have the ability to view analytics from emails sent. This will enable you to improve the management of your legal association in terms of examining what type of emails are opened, clicked on, or bounced most. Some of these platforms will allow you to test specific aspects of your email, such as A/B testing. A/B testing will enable you to segment your audience list and send one email to one segment, then a varied version of that email to the other segment. Testing and comparing email components such as graphic placement or subject lines will help you learn your audience’s wants and needs.

Due to the enormous number of association members that Legal Associations Management, Inc. helps manage, email campaign platforms such as MailChimp and EmailOctopus come in handy. MailChimp features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, content studio, marketing automation, real-time analytics, and more. EmailOctopus features marketing automation, template designs, a drag-and-drop builder, segmentation, and embedded forms that collect subscriber data. Whichever email campaign platform you adopt, it is sure to benefit your association in the long run.

4. Measure and Optimize Metrics

You can methodically examine your data and finances by utilizing trusted techniques presented by Legal Associations Management, Inc., which focus on creating the most value for your members. By gathering, organizing and analyzing data, you can use this information to develop healthy business habits and focus your resources in the areas that will benefit your association’s members.

To measure and optimize your association’s metrics, you will need to be familiar with your membership data, understand the type of information available and interpret the best way to use particular components to help optimally focus your organization’s resources. Accumulating various segments of information, from total membership numbers and goals to desired metrics and how operations function daily, is vital in finalizing the perfect metric equation for your association.

Once the necessary information is collected, you can formulate the most useful way to present and review the quality of the data. You will be able to see where you can supplement or add to your regular analysis. It is optimal to develop regular schedules and habits needed to make the most out of this information. Based on decisions made in the data collection process, you can parse out key indicators that should be tracked to maintain and improve the efficiency of your legal association. Each organization is different, so it is advantageous to find unique indicators within your data that show where things are going well and what processes could be improved to boost growth and engagement.

Using concentrated information to create business habits for effective change is crucial. Without this step, the effort to gather, organize, and analyze your data would greatly diminish in value. Creating a dashboard is merely the first step to guiding the most critical processes in the business. This step requires a dive into the operations and services of the organization. It would be best to understand the driving force behind that number and how procedures should be adjusted to benefit the organization. After determining a cause for the numbers to appear a certain way, you need to create action items to adjust accordingly. This cycle should become a regular habit, which is critical to continually operate at maximum efficiency and get the most out of your association’s data.

Exceptional Legal Association Management is within reach.

Remodeling management for legal associations and its membership is not as difficult as it may seem. Through proper administration and using the best legal association software, you can rest easy knowing that membership expansion and advanced value is underway. With excellent CRM software, compelling social media marketing, user-friendly email campaign platforms, and beneficial metric measurement, your association management will see exponential growth and success.
To learn more association management techniques from Legal Association Management, Inc., please visit our website.

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