5 Ways To Technologically Advance Your Association

by Legal Associations Management  |  September 2, 2020

Technology has become crucial in keeping up with society, and it is vital for associations to stay on top of the game. Many members have adjusted to using technology in their daily lives and expect the same type of online engagement from associations. 

Becoming aware of technological trends can make a significant impact on advancing your association and providing the most up-to-date service to your members. Hosting live webinars, using wireless conference rooms, and connecting with members through social media are just a few ways to use technology to your advantage and support greater membership engagement.

Here are 5 ways you can technologically advance your association:

1. Webinars

Hosting webinars for your association can provide members opportunities to learn and helpful resources that they can use. A webinar is a video workshop, presentation, or lecture hosted online. It can be used to share information, ideas, and membership or association updates. 

Webinars are valuable in engaging your audience and are incredibly cost-effective. They foster more intimate engagement during live online events, as members can ask questions and give feedback on the spot. Different webinar software can vary in features, but there are a few similar functions. One feature is the text chat, which audience members can use to ask questions or share comments with the speaker regarding the subject. 

If you want to engage your audience by having them respond to a specific prompt about your topic, another useful feature you can use is a survey or poll. It gives your viewers options to choose from and organizes your results in one place, which you can then quickly reference. 

Another helpful tool is the slide deck, which allows you to present information and a clear agenda to your viewers. It also gives your members something to take away from your presentation.

2. Website Features

Having a clear and organized website is key to connecting with your members and meeting their needs. Many come to the site to check out the association, find services they might need, or connect with someone to ask questions. Having website features to help members navigate the website and boost your site's traffic can increase engagement. 

One helpful feature is the chatbot. It pops up on websites asking questions like, “How can we help?” and gives your members the opportunity to seek what they are looking for directly instead of spending several minutes searching through your site with increasing frustration.

To give your association a personalized experience on your website, consider adding a member portal. You can send updates or messages, collect their membership information, and provide helpful resources through this portal, which will have them return to your site more than once. 

Implementing SEO is a great way to increase traffic on your website and interest potential new members from search engine results. The best part is that optimizing your website for SEO is absolutely free.

3. Wireless Conference Rooms

Since COVID-19 hit, many businesses and organizations were forced to close their doors and meet remotely through Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Thanks to these wireless conference rooms, these businesses and organizations have been able to stay afloat and even thrive during the pandemic. 

Through these platforms, you can share information on your screen with other participants, host private or open meetings, and also have breakout rooms for group discussions. You can even record meetings for others to view later if they were not able to be there.

In using wireless conference rooms, you provide an avenue for your members to connect virtually, allowing your association to flourish. Getting together over video conferences has become the new normal and will most likely continue in the future. Becoming familiar with these virtual meeting platforms will be highly beneficial in the long run.

4. Social Media

In today's society, social media is necessary to keep any organization alive and thriving. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a broad and diverse audience. 

Use platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram to keep in contact with your members and promote membership benefits. It provides a way to network with potential new members and build relationships with existing members as well. 

You can also run ad campaigns and share industry news, tips, and resources or content that your association would benefit from. Getting consistent engagement does mean tailoring your content and tone to speak to the demographics of each specific network that you use, so it is important to put out the most engaging and applicable content for your audience.

Using a variety of social media platforms will expose you and your industry to new networks of individuals and improve membership loyalty and engagement. Having a strong online presence for your association will make a significant positive difference for your association in the long run. 

5. Digital Marketing Campaigns  

Legal associations face tons of operational burdens that can be overwhelming and take away from the valuable time you could spend elsewhere. However, you want your association managed by an organization you can trust. They should know what is right for you and be competent in what they are doing.

The experts at Legal Associations Management (LAM) are all about providing you the solutions and management help you need. LAM focuses on advancing your association using their Membership Growth model and providing services such as marketing plans and strategies, newsletter production, and performance analytics. 

They can ensure that membership renewals and communication are sent to accurate contacts and help you execute flawless renewal procedures. They can also work with you to make strategic, operational decisions based on the percentage of membership renewals each year. 

LAM can also manage your conferences and conventions by providing support in marketing registration and attendance, exhibitor participation and payment, and marketing for convention sponsorship.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing technology is the most cost-effective way to advance your association, provide innumerable ways to connect with your members, and keep them engaged. It will make managing your association easier and allow you to build stronger relationships with your members.

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