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Sara Messer

Member Service Coordinator

DEPARTMENT  |  Concierge Call Team

About Sara

I have 35 quail, 15 cows, 5 dogs, and 4 pigs, and a husband who (obviously) has a hard time telling me no when it comes to getting a new pet!

Fun Fact: I had a pet fox for 48 hours. that's when i realized it was illegal in the state of Florida to own her, so now Merle is living her best life at a local wildlife preserve.

Favorite Hobby: Embroidering

Favorite Quote: "There is nothing I need that God cannot supply."

Favorite Food: Steak

What I love about my job at LAM: I love how personable and caring everyone is, including my superiors. Everyone is genuinely a team player that wants to see me succeed not only professionally but personally as well.

Sara's Fellow Team Members

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