Karin Reyes

Accounts Receivable/Specialist

DEPARTMENT  |  Office Support

About Karin

I was born in El Salvador but I have loved this country since I moved here 21 years ago.

Fun Fact: I love hiking.

Favorite Hobby: Play with my son.

Favorite Quote: "The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. Mother Teresa."

Favorite Food: Pastas/Any kind.

What I love about my job at LAM: My Supervisor. I like the ability to work in peace. to be told what to do once. be taught well from the beginning. It is so much productive to be told what to do and not have someone hovering over you to do it. :) and the peaceful environment. and the overall people. I guess is safe to say, i love everything about working for the company.

Karin's Fellow Team Members

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