3 Instagram Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

by Legal Associations Management  |  May 11, 2022

Instagram has proved to be more than just a photo-sharing social media platform, and it has now become an essential aspect of a legal association's social media strategy. This popular social networking app is an excellent instrument for expanding brand awareness and achieving digital marketing success. Instagram, which began in 2010, has turned into a critical tool for business growth. However, the rapid fluctuation of trends on Instagram can be overwhelming for both users and marketers. As a leader in legal association management, we keep a close eye on social media trends so that we may adjust our marketing strategies accordingly. So, what is trending on Instagram? A few Instagram trends predicted for 2022 are shown below.

Influencer Marketing

According to Instagram's 2022 Trend Report, 80% of Gen Z thinks social media influencers have more power than conventional superstars. As a result, 72.5 percent of American marketers are expected to embrace influencer marketing this year. The bottom line is that selecting the correct social media influencers for your legal association may make or break your digital marketing campaign. We believe that influencer marketing on Instagram can help your association if appropriately marketed in the legal industry.

Increased Online Shopping

According to estimates, 70% of customers use Instagram to find new items. Online purchasing is expected to continue to grow in the future years. As a result, the platform is making efforts to make online shopping for users more convenient. This year, shopping on Instagram without leaving the app is predicted to take off. Associations can take advantage of this trend by marketing membership swag on their Instagram.

Instagram Reels

Instagram has a short-form video content function called Reels. Users can utilize this feature to upload 60-second videos. Reels can be essential for expanding your legal association's reach and increasing its visibility. Users can tag up to 30 hashtags with a maximum of 2000 characters on the platform. Instagram Reels trends vary by user, depending on what the algorithm thinks the user is interested in. This year, posting high-quality material and relevant clips is another excellent strategy to expand your legal association's exposure.

What are the latest Instagram Reels trends we've noticed? Here are a few examples!

“I’m Gonna Have to Go and Disagree With You There”

Example: Posting a video to this audio where you use lip sync to this audio and have a text overlay explaining a situation where you would disagree with someone (e.g. a myth you want to bust in the legal industry).

Reacting to Trending Videos

Example: Making a video of your reaction to a viral video and sharing it on your Instagram Reels. This may or may not apply to the legal profession. However, Instagram Reels are a fun way to raise brand awareness and reach. Here is an example of attorney Mike Morse from the Mike Morse Law Firm reacting to a fun video of a dog on a motorcycle.

Professional Self-Promotion

Example: Making a video to showcase your achievements. Self-promotion can show your followers that you are an accomplished leader in your field, whether it's members posting a video of their membership plaques or talking about a big verdict.

Grow With Experts

As a leading legal association management firm in the United States, we are here to help you build your legal organization utilizing Instagram and many other social media platforms in 2022. Contact our team today for a custom digital marketing plan for your legal association.

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