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Management Solutions

The experts at Legal Associations Management will work with your organization’s management team to establish management support systems. Discover how LAM can help manage your memberships and conventions.


We can help you manage membership data at no upfront cost, giving your organization the ability to greatly increase renewal rates and better engage with current members. We offer the following management solutions:

Much like our Membership Growth model, LAM utilizes a multitude of technological solutions to prepare your membership data to be managed systematically

LAM will work with your organization to ensure all renewals and member communications are sent to accurate points of contact

LAM will work with your organization to develop communication strategies to create a membership experience that will boost member satisfaction and optimize renewal rates for current members

LAM will use its proven processes and experienced personnel to work closely with your management team to execute renewal and member management procedures

LAM will work with your organization to calculate, examine and make strategic operations decisions based on the percent of members that renew their memberships each year

Compensation: The Membership Management compensation model is purely performance based. This means Legal Associations Management bears all the risk.


We can manage the success of your organization’s conferences and conventions by providing strategic support in three key areas:

LAM will handle registration, concierge services and payment processing

LAM will provide one onsite Convention Coordinator and one Convention Director. If necessary, additional event support will be provided.

LAM will provide management of all exhibitor and sponsor relations and needs leading up to and including the Convention

Compensation: Contact us today for a complete breakdown of the Convention Management compensation structure.